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Summary Design and test XML and XSLT structure and process flow
Categories design, construction, process, testing
License BSD License
Owner(s) bobtarling


XStream supports the building of XML, XSLT

Furthermore the flow of data from XML source documents to transformation engine or XML aware service can be designed and tested through an editable connected graph which depicts flow of data between services. This has been implemented with webservices.

XStream is approaching its first release. The following requirements have yet to be fullfilled before release will be made

  • Diagram nodes representing XML documents should be name-able and the corresponding editor should show the same name.
  • The output of a process should be stored in the diagram model rather than the XML document editor. In fact all editor content should be stored in the diagram model.

The following are nice-to-haves for the first release

  • The XML diagram node should contain a standard header of "XML"
  • This header should change dynamically when the editor determines the file is of a recognised type (eg XSLT, XSD etc)

Post release work will concentrate on introduction of new edges representing process flow and a new node representing branching of process flow based on output of previous processes.

XStream uses and is steering development of the Panelbeater project

The XML editor in XStream is built using Syntalight

The graphs in XStream are rendered using GEF